Training Program Overview

Ten Ring delivers and supports BSA Range Master, National Rifle Association (NRA) Instructor and USA Archery Instructor training programs.

Ten Ring is planning to offer NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) and BSA Archery and BB-Gun Rangemaster training this spring, flyer to follow soon. And we are also considering offering the NRA Basic Rifle and / or Shotgun Instructor training this next spring as well. But first, we are asking for some input from those of you thinking of becoming an NRA Instructor. The NRA has changed the requirements for Instructors by adding that each candidate must first complete the Basic Firearms Class before taking the Instructor course. This would not add too much to our course fee but would add an additional day to the training for each discipline . The first instructor rating would now require either three Saturdays. Or a Saturday, followed by a Thursday and Friday evening 6:00pm to 9:30pm then followed by the Saturday. The second rating, if taken, would need two Saturdays. The cost for each class would be in the $125.00 to $150.00 range, but we are asking for individuals considering the training if they would be willing to still take the classes? If you would please email us with your thoughts we would greatly appreciate it!

The links on the left show a cursory overview of the training we offer. Although some of the registration for this spring's training has passed or closed, we may be considering other possible dates later this year to hold additional classes. If you are interested please ask to be added to our email list. Whenever we announce any new and upcoming training or youth events, these people get the news first. Don't worry we do not share this list with anyone, and we mean ANYONE! And when you feel you no longer need us we will graciously remove you from the list.

Our courses are primarily offered to BSA Leaders interested in helping theirs, and hopefully other, units enjoy safely the shooting sports. Our prices reflect our commitment to these scout leaders as we are in this for the youth.  No one at Ten Ring receives any compensation for the training we offer.

The NRA offers an overview of their course offerings at their website.

The USA Archery website provides an overview of the USA Archery Level Instructor and Coach Programs.

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