Ten Ring Guide To BSA Shooting Sports Discontinued

Revised March 23 2015

Updated BSA documents including The Guide to Safe Scouting, BSA National Shooting Sports Manual and National Camp Standards now compliment each other and completely describe authorized shooting sports programs and requirements. One may simply read the table of contents to select topics of interest for complete information.

From the 2015 Guide to Safe Scouting

“All shooting sports activities held during a council resident camp will follow the standards in National Camp Standards, No. 430-056. All shooting sports activities held outside of a council’s resident camp will follow the rules and regulations found in the BSA National Shooting Sports Manual, No. 30931, which can be downloaded here.” http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/OutdoorProgram/ShootingSports.aspx

The National Camp Standards are part of the National Camp Accreditation Program and have a link from that same page.

For official information please contact the BSA Outdoor Program, or BSA Shooting Sports Task Force or NRA National Youth Program Coordinator. Contact information is listed on the BSA shooting sports FAQ page at the link above. You may also contact the Council Shooting Sports Committee and / or Ten Ring.